Once upon a time, a woman and a man loved each other very much and decided to get married. Their surnames were Brown and Wear, respectively. Unfortunately, this combination of vowels and consonants proved too difficult to remember for their wedding hotel coordinator and theirs became known as the “Brown Bear” wedding.

Fast forward three years.

This same couple moved to a new apartment with a mailbox aptly labeled “Wear.” Due to the fate of the cosmos or an inside postal job, this couple one day noticed that their landlord had etched a new mailbox sign and they now lived in the “Bear/Wear” residence. No mail had ever been sent to a “Bear,” mind you.

A year or so later, when the Bear Wears were expecting their first child, they–with the help of some friends–decided that no baby nickname was more appropriate than Baby Brown Bear Wear.

With that, this Chicago-based mama bear would like to welcome you to a blog of musings about travel, adventure, food, books, board games, motherhood, and life’s wicked sense of humor.

Please comment and start a dialogue or email me at babybrownbearblog@gmail.com.


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