Baby Brown Bear Has a New URL!

Exciting news!

Baby Brown Bear officially has a new URL

Feel free to take the news to the streets, though I have a good feeling you will receive looks of dismay and befuddlement. Nevertheless, evangelize, my faithful readers!

Otherwise, look at this exciting mug Papa Bear found this weekend. It’s Mama Brown Bear! Red, tired eyes and all.



Baby Brown Bear Welcome

Welcome to, and thank you for visiting, this blog! The result of several months of saying, “I miss writing,” it’s my goal to post semi-regularly about a variety of topics relevant to my life.

As mentioned, I’m based in Chicago, specifically in a neighborhood called Lincoln Square. I also am a new-ish mother–Baby Brown Bear Wear is eight months old as of this post–and have decided to stay at home with him for a little while. These factors, plus the tendency to go stir crazy rather quickly, lend themselves to a lot of fun adventures around the city. Stick with me and I’ll share some of them with you.

Since motherhood sometimes makes me feel like I have a dual persona, that of a mother and that as an adult woman, my “adult woman” self loves to eat (and cook when I can motivate myself), read, exercise, play board games, and travel, among other things I’m sure I’m forgetting (I’m loath to admit it, but “mommy brain” is a real thing sometimes). Because we all need balance in our lives, I’ll make sure to include a good amount on these things too.

While I’m sure I’ll entertain myself if nothing else, I do hope you’ll be entertained along the way, too.