Baby Brown Bear Welcome

Welcome to, and thank you for visiting, this blog! The result of several months of saying, “I miss writing,” it’s my goal to post semi-regularly about a variety of topics relevant to my life.

As mentioned, I’m based in Chicago, specifically in a neighborhood called Lincoln Square. I also am a new-ish mother–Baby Brown Bear Wear is eight months old as of this post–and have decided to stay at home with him for a little while. These factors, plus the tendency to go stir crazy rather quickly, lend themselves to a lot of fun adventures around the city. Stick with me and I’ll share some of them with you.

Since motherhood sometimes makes me feel like I have a dual persona, that of a mother and that as an adult woman, my “adult woman” self loves to eat (and cook when I can motivate myself), read, exercise, play board games, and travel, among other things I’m sure I’m forgetting (I’m loath to admit it, but “mommy brain” is a real thing sometimes). Because we all need balance in our lives, I’ll make sure to include a good amount on these things too.

While I’m sure I’ll entertain myself if nothing else, I do hope you’ll be entertained along the way, too.



2 thoughts on “Baby Brown Bear Welcome

  1. Jenny I love this!
    Especially the one about time. Turning 30, Lola turning 5 and JD turning one all in a couple months time is too much for my hormonal self to bear! Hope to see you and Ray soon! Xo


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